Strategy Map for Health Organizations



Review: This strategy map is one of the most versatile strategy maps we have discussed so far. It doesn’t follow the base 4 balance 4 scorecards rather it has added perspectives of objectives to achieve an overall mission. It can be seen that objectives are arranged in a pyramidal form with objectives shrinking as we move upwards and only the most critical and basic objectives are left at the top. The final goal is to improve health services. This is an exciting and interesting approach in this strategy map.

Opportunities: This strategic map is useful for all sorts of organization who do not have hard and fast rule to follow base 4 balance score card because in this type of strategic map any perspective, in addition to the four standard perspectives can be added. Also the pyramidal structure makes this map suitable for organizations following hierarchical objectives and goals approach.

Result: A good example of non-conventional strategy map with variety of perspectives. Well- structured and organized. Only drawback is that due to its non-conformity to the standard balance scorecard it might not be easy to comprehend initially.