A strategy map created automatically

A strategy map is created automatically with BSC Designer software. It represents four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard (Finance, Customers, Internal Business Processes, Education & Growth).  Business goals on the strategy map are linked by cause-and-effect connections. Some business objectives are aligned with KPIs and action plans. Learn more.

Strategy Map for Small Organizations

  Source: http://strategic-hcm.blogspot.com/2008/12/hcm-in-balanced-business-scorecard.html Review: The is a typical example of a simple strategy map which divides organization objective into four standard categories of a strategy map. Final goal of the organization is to maximize the share values for the stakeholders. Owing to the efficient distribution of organization goals into small objectives and their integration is likely … Read more

Strategy Map for Workforce Improvement

Source: http://www.jeitosa.com/service/vision-to-value-v2v-hr-strategy/ Review: This is another concise example of a base 4 strategy maps covering all the four organizational objective perspective. Ultimate target of this strategy map is to increase workforce effectiveness. To achieve this target, all the needed actions which fall in the base 4 balance scorecard categories have been efficiently mentioned. Objectives have … Read more

Strategy Map for Environmental Crisis Solution

Source: http://purestone.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/patagonia-strategy-map.png Review: This strategy maps focus on finding the solutions to environmental crisis. In order to achieve that objective, sever small goals have been set categorized into base 4 balance scorecard. All the small objectives are interacting with each other to achieve the final goal. This strategy map is a very simple and easy … Read more

Strategy Map for CISCO

Source: http://ciso.washington.edu/about-us/strategy-map/ Review: This is a strategy map for CISCO. The vision of the company is to provide secure and reliable network programs to the customer. The mission and valued of the organization have also been comprehensively described.  It can be seen that it is not a typical base 4 balance scorecard strategy map categorize … Read more

Strategy Map for Well Structured Organizations

Source: http://www.duperrin.com/english/2008/05/28/reaching-strategic-goals-intangible-assets-matter-the-strategy-maps-approach-to-enterprise-20/ Review: This is a very good example of well-organized and detailed strategy map. The Goal is to increase long term shareholder values for stakeholders. All the objectives have been properly categorized into base 4 balance scorecard format and the relationships among these objectives have also been explained over. Internal process are further categorized … Read more

Strategy Map For Campus Services

Source: http://www.washington.edu/facilities/ops/strategymap Review: This strategy map is a bit different from the layered strategy maps we have seen most of the time however if follows traditional base 4 balance scorecard and the objectives have been divided into four conventional components of a strategy map. This map is well defined and well-organized with clear objectives and … Read more

Strategy Map With Tabular Representation

Source:http://www.thebusinessfarm.com.au/LeftMenu/4th+Generation+Balanced+Scorecards/Strategy+Mapping.html Review: This is one of the most professional strategies containing clear goals. Also the distributions of objectives and goals have been done in tabular form which we have not seen in the previous strategy maps. The tabular form not only makes the map look more professional but it makes the map more convenient and … Read more

Strategy Map for Small Software Companies

Source:http://www.conceptdraw.com/csnews_online/2010_02/ht_create_strmap_background_page_pc.php?march10 Review: This is a very basic strategy map, covering most fundamental and core objective of any software based companies. It is based on the base 4 balance scorecards and covers all the goals which are related to the improvement of software companies. All the objectives are strongly coupled and strong relationship exists in objectives … Read more

Strategy Map for Financial Organization

Source: http://www.wfdfi.net/?page_id=60 Review: This is another example of tabular strategy map. This strategy map is not based on base 4 balance scorecards as it can be seen that it contains additional organizational perspective. Strategy map is highly professional and detailed. The objective of the organization is to improve the financial capacity of the organization which … Read more