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A strategy map created automatically

Automatically created strategy map
A strategy map is created automatically with BSC Designer software. It represents four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard (Finance, Customers, Internal Business Processes, Education & Growth).  Business goals on the strategy map are linked by cause-and-effect connections. Some business objectives are aligned with KPIs and action plans. Learn more.

Strategy Map for Small Organizations




Review: The is a typical example of a simple strategy map which divides organization objective into four standard categories of a strategy map. Final goal of the organization is to maximize the share values for the stakeholders. Owing to the efficient distribution of organization goals into small objectives and their integration is likely to help achieve the overall goal.

Opportunities: Good strategy map for small organizations. This map can be used as a sample in small to medium scale organizations for building strategy maps. The internal processes have been explained explicitly and can be implemented in any organization. In terms of people or employees objectives, the strategy map is not very explicit and it needs more brainstorming to define objectives related to the people.

Result: A suitable strategy map for small scale companies with limited and unambiguous objectives. All the base 4 balance scorecard objectives have been well explained and are strictly relevant with the final goal of the company. People goals needs to be elaborated bit more; apart from that, it can be considered a good map overall.

Strategy Map for Workforce Improvement



Review: This is another concise example of a base 4 strategy maps covering all the four organizational objective perspective. Ultimate target of this strategy map is to increase workforce effectiveness. To achieve this target, all the needed actions which fall in the base 4 balance scorecard categories have been efficiently mentioned. Objectives have been quite clearly defined and the relationship among them is very relevant and will definitely help achieve the final goal.

Opportunities: This strategy map can be used in any organization that wants to improve the overall performance of the workforce and human resource. Management of medium scale organization can set this strategy map as a model and can develop a strategy map on this plan which will help them achieve their workforce targets. This map can be utilized for small to medium scale strategy development.

Result: It can be concluded about this strategy map that it is represents an efficient picture of what a strategy map should look in medium scale organization with respect to workforce efficiency improvement. All the objects are tightly coupled which makes this map robust and achieving one objective helps achieve the other which is one of the main goals of strategy map development. An excellent map overall.

Strategy Map for Environmental Crisis Solution



Review: This strategy maps focus on finding the solutions to environmental crisis. In order to achieve that objective, sever small goals have been set categorized into base 4 balance scorecard. All the small objectives are interacting with each other to achieve the final goal. This strategy map is a very simple and easy to implement.

Opportunities: In smaller organization or companies with limited scope and vision this strategy map can be used as a sample. Managers who are not much detail oriented and try to focus on bird eye view of the project can utilized this strategy map. However this map is not much useful for detail oriented organizational structure.

Result: The strategy map has many benefits owing to its simplicity and ease of use. Owing to these benefits, it can be referred as a useful strategy map. On the other hand this simplicity is not much useful for large strategies where a large number of objectives are interacting. Map doesn’t accommodate detailed goals.

Strategy Map for CISCO



Review: This is a strategy map for CISCO. The vision of the company is to provide secure and reliable network programs to the customer. The mission and valued of the organization have also been comprehensively described.  It can be seen that it is not a typical base 4 balance scorecard strategy map categorize into four perspective rather the Map represents CISCOs own strategy principles with objectives not integrated into single category having vision and services above and below respectively. Map looks reliable and despite of being a technology firm, not much technical terms have been used.

Opportunities: Map can be used as a sample for technology related firms. Vision, mission and values have been unequivocally explained and it can be clearly understood what organization wants to achieve. Management of technology related companies can utilized this map as an example to devise a strategy which would help them achieve the desired targets.

Result: The map is good overall and can be used a model, however objects are not clearly categorized. Too many objectives in single category which could be categorized makes the map bit difficult to understand at first. Apart from that, clear and explicit missions, values and vision makes the map suitable to follow.

Strategy Map for Well Structured Organizations



Review: This is a very good example of well-organized and detailed strategy map. The Goal is to increase long term shareholder values for stakeholders. All the objectives have been properly categorized into base 4 balance scorecard format and the relationships among these objectives have also been explained over. Internal process are further categorized which is an indication of a highly structured strategy map.

Opportunities: Strategy map is very suitable for organizations following highly structured approach for strategy development. The managers who breakdown objectives into small goals can take benefit from this strategy map. This map is good for organization of all sizes from small to large organizations. Good for organizations having hard and fast standard operating procedures.

Result: A very good strategy map with fine grained goals integrated together to achieve a common objective that is to increase shareholder values. Although every objective has been clearly explained, learning and growth objective lack details and are not well explained.


Strategy Map For Campus Services



Review: This strategy map is a bit different from the layered strategy maps we have seen most of the time however if follows traditional base 4 balance scorecard and the objectives have been divided into four conventional components of a strategy map. This map is well defined and well-organized with clear objectives and the mission is to improve engineering services being provided to Washington University.

Opportunities: As described this map is designed to achieve goals related to educational institute, therefore this map can be used as sample for educational organization who want to improve their services and operational activities. The map is suitable for medium scale educational institution. University directors or other authorities need to design this type of strategies to meet their objectives.

Result: A very good, well-structured map overall with efficiently organized objectives. Also the map is very easy for one to comprehend and implement. There is however certain deviation from the standard layered pattern of strategy map which might create slight difficulties for one to understand. Suitable strategy map overall.

Strategy Map With Tabular Representation



Review: This is one of the most professional strategies containing clear goals. Also the distributions of objectives and goals have been done in tabular form which we have not seen in the previous strategy maps. The tabular form not only makes the map look more professional but it makes the map more convenient and easily comprehendible. Map is based on conventional base 4 balance scorecard technique with each category represented in the form of row with column occupying the type and value of objectives.

Opportunities: The map can be taken as a sample in large professional organization which is well structured and organized. Manager with critical thinking and structured approach can take benefit from this map in devising their strategy map. The map is suitable for organization of all sizes.

Results: A very comprehensive and detailed strategy map covering all the objectives in an organized and structured manner. Very useful for large organizations with large number of objectives.

Strategy Map for Small Software Companies



Review: This is a very basic strategy map, covering most fundamental and core objective of any software based companies. It is based on the base 4 balance scorecards and covers all the goals which are related to the improvement of software companies. All the objectives are strongly coupled and strong relationship exists in objectives within the same category and objectives across different categories. Useful for small scale software companies.

Opportunities: This strategy map can be adopted and modified by small to medium scale software companies. Technical manager can modify this map to fit their objectives or modify their objective to fit this map. The map is useful either ways in aiding software organization to achieve the overall goal of the company.

Result: A straight forward strategy map with no complexities involved can be considered good overall. The objectives are strongly related to each other and their relation can be easily comprehended without much effort.  A drawback of the map is its excessive simplicity which hampers it’s a chances of being used In large scale organizations.

Strategy Map for Financial Organization



Review: This is another example of tabular strategy map. This strategy map is not based on base 4 balance scorecards as it can be seen that it contains additional organizational perspective. Strategy map is highly professional and detailed. The objective of the organization is to improve the financial capacity of the organization which has been clearly mentioned and all the objectives categorized into corresponding objectives co-operate together to achieve this main goal.

Opportunities: A very good model for financial organization striving to achieve financial goals. The comprehensive details of the objective results in a more structured and organized management strategy. Managers with organized management approach are likely to take advantage of this map in order to achieve financial objectives.

Result: Like other tabular maps, this map is also very good and comprehensive with a well-planned structure. Large organization can adopt it to achieve their objectives. Overall it is an excellent strategy map.