Strategy Map for Small Software Companies



Review: This is a very basic strategy map, covering most fundamental and core objective of any software based companies. It is based on the base 4 balance scorecards and covers all the goals which are related to the improvement of software companies. All the objectives are strongly coupled and strong relationship exists in objectives within the same category and objectives across different categories. Useful for small scale software companies.

Opportunities: This strategy map can be adopted and modified by small to medium scale software companies. Technical manager can modify this map to fit their objectives or modify their objective to fit this map. The map is useful either ways in aiding software organization to achieve the overall goal of the company.

Result: A straight forward strategy map with no complexities involved can be considered good overall. The objectives are strongly related to each other and their relation can be easily comprehended without much effort.  A drawback of the map is its excessive simplicity which hampers it’s a chances of being used In large scale organizations.