Example of the strategy map that can be implemented for international company

Strategy map analysis examples - BarbadosSource: businessbarbados.com

Review: the strategy map created from basic-level aspects up to global strategy. The strategy map doesn’t is not divided into 4 categories specific for the Balanced Scorecard concept, but gives a clear view of how the current state should be transformed into desired vision. The most detailed is basic-level section, which correspond to “Development bases”. Upper levels give understanding about specific processes, actions and desired results.

Benefits: well-designed strategy map that implements different level of details on each level, the most detailed is “Development bases”. That level is linked via more global levels with final results and vision.

Opportunities: implement links between low level actions and high level goals. Add in “Development bases” factors required for the future growth and innovations within the strategy.

Result: excellent example of the strategy map applicable to the small country as well as to the international business.