Strategy Map for Health Organizations

Source: Review: This strategy map is one of the most versatile strategy maps we have discussed so far. It doesn’t follow the base 4 balance 4 scorecards rather it has added perspectives of objectives to achieve an overall mission. It can be seen that objectives are arranged in a pyramidal form with objectives shrinking … Read more

Strategy map based on 4 Balanced Scorecard perspectives

Source:¬† Review: good example of what strategy map might look like, the strategy map use as a base 4 perspectives of Balanced Scorecard (a little bit modified) and gives a clear understanding of how the required results – “Satisfy Shareholders” will be achieved. Opportunities: this strategy maps suggests basic understanding of how to required result … Read more

Example of the strategy map that can be implemented for international company

Source:¬† Review: the strategy map created from basic-level aspects up to global strategy. The strategy map doesn’t is not divided into 4 categories specific for the Balanced Scorecard concept, but gives a clear view of how the current state should be transformed into desired vision. The most detailed is basic-level section, which correspond to “Development … Read more

More strategy map examples

Great news! We are preparing more strategy map examples for you. You will learn what the good/bad strategy map look like, where each strategy map has a space for improvement, etc. Check out website soon for more information.